Intelledgement, L.L.C.

Intelligently hedged investment

How Intelledgement can make a difference to your life

The secret of success is constancy of purpose.

— Benjamin Disraeli

Our focus at Intelledgement is on attending to the big picture and then applying the wisdom gained thereby to improving your life. We expect that you can benefit from engaging Intelledgement as your investment advisor directly and indirectly.

We believe that specialization is a hallmark of civilization. However, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and as with the daily news media, most financial advisors tend to focus on transitory minutia to the detriment of appreciating the big picture. Studying USA banks affords one the advantage of knowing which are the stronger ones…until the dollar crashes, tanking them all!

Our investment advice: designed to protect and inform

Our constant purpose is to help you to navigate around the potential shoals of “forest” level developments, so that you don't get stuck, metaphorically speaking, in a seemingly unassailable evolutionary niche cleaning the teeth of sharks only to discover one day that they have gone extinct.

To this end, we aim to benefit you directly by seeking the best ROI we can get on the 70% (or whatever) of your savings you commit to the stock market, utilizing Macro strategy-informed investments in—primarily—exchange-traded funds.

We also aim to benefit you indirectly by keeping you up to speed on the impact forest-level developments may have on your life, aside from your portfolio. It is rare that a single tree-level event is going to meaningfully effect your life. (The 9-11 attacks constitute a good example of such an exceptional tree event.) But forest-level developments—climate change, energy shortages, the decline of the manufacturing base in the West, high-tech health care advances, etcetera—have the potential of engendering changes that ripple through everything, or at least a lot of things.

Here are the specifics as to how we do it: