Intelledgement, L.L.C.

Intelligently hedged investment

Due Diligence

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

— Lao-tzu

If you like what you’ve seen so far, you may want to review the documents Intelledgement are required to file with the State of North Carolina each year (forms #1, #2, and #3). And, you can peruse our standard contract for investment advisory services (#4) and our Privacy Protection Policy Statement (#5). You may also find our Client Objectives Questionnaires (#6) helpful. And there are some Fidelity forms relevant to opening an account with them. Generally, we ask clients to maintain their accounts at Fidelity because they offer tools which facilitate our account management (and as you might imagine, this is significant when one has multiple accounts to manage). If moving your assets to Fidelity would present a problem, let’s discuss it to see if we can come to a mutually satisfactory resolution.

  1. Part I of Form ADV  Part I of Form ADV is filed electronically by Intelledgement, LLC each year through the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with the State of North Carolina. To view this filing, just enter “Intelledgement” in the “Firm Name” search box.
  2. Form ADV Part II  Form ADV, Part II, is filed by Intelledgement, LLC each year with the State of North Carolina. It details all of the business practices, fee schedules and background information on the company. Intelledgement is required to provide the ADV to all prospective clients and to all existing clients each year.
  3. Form ADV Schedule F   Schedule F provides supplementary information to Part II of the ADV.
  4. Client Discretionary Management Contract   This is Intelledgement’s standard contract governing our discretionary investment management services. This sample copy is for your informal perusal; if we mutually decide to effect a business relationship, Intelledgement will customize and send you one for formal review.
  5. Privacy Protection Policy Statement   This is Intelledgement’s policy with respect to protecting the confidentiality of client data.
  6. Intelledgement Investor Profile   We request that all prospective clients fill out this profile document in order that we can better understand and accommodate your needs.
  7. New Fidelity Account Application   This page has links to all the forms you need to open a new account(s) at Fidelity. Because of the signature requirements, these are still paper-based forms which you must download. We will confer with you to determine precisely which forms you should submit along with your application (e.g., checkwriting, paper vs. electronic statements, EFT, trading authorization, margin agreement, option agreement, and so forth). If you prefer, we can fill all the requisite forms out for you, but you will still need to review, sign, and send them in to Fidelity yourself.
  8. Transfer of Assets   Use this form to transfer the assets of accounts from another broker or mutual fund to Fidelity. Works for every flavor of account except 529 College accounts; for those you need this form. You can submit this form along with a new account application; just leave the Account Number field blank.
  9. Limited Trading Authorization   If you already have a Fidelity account, this is the only form of theirs that you will need. It enables Intelledgement to buy and sell securities for you, but not to move any assets out of the account, which is our standard arrangement with clients. There is a portion that needs to be filled out and executed by us; if you wish, we will fill out the whole form but again, you will still need to review, sign, and send it in to Fidelity yourself.